Greenthief ready to rock Cambridge

After playing more than 20 shows across the country supporting The Butterfly Effect, you couldn’t blame Brisbane rockers Greenthief for taking a break.

But instead the three-piece outfit is hitting the road on its own headlining tour in support of its single Mr Number 1.

LIVE caught up with vocalist Julian to talk about the band, whose sound has been labelled ‘‘a lovechild of Jeff Buckley and Trent Reznor’’.

You definitely punch above your weight, producing a big sound for a three-piece band.

I think the hard work comes from a compositional side of things. Making something sound ‘‘big’’ is all about the arrangement of what is going on. A lot of time is spent in the rehearsal room figuring out what would sound big live, which has to do with what the instruments are playing independently.

Do you think psychedelic rock is a fair way to describe Greenthief’s sound?

Greenthief have a fairly diverse sound. I definitely think a lot of our music could be classified as psychedelic as we do tend to jam within our song structures. A lot of our musical influences come from the ’70s, where this was the norm.

Your sound has been described as ‘‘akin to a lovechild of Jeff Buckley and Trent Reznor’’. Thoughts?

We definitely love what both artists have brought to music. Specifically, I would say our music would most be influenced by Buckley’s thick textured chords within his writing, whilst Reznor has always been an innovator in the way he blends industrial rock with pop sensibility. Both artists inspire us.

You’ve already had a busy year on the road. How was supporting The Butterfly Effect?

Supporting The Butterfly Effect on their national tour was incredible. We were very privileged to be taken along for the ride, which saw us get to perform at some of the country’s biggest venues.

Do you think you learnt any lessons from touring with such a successful band?

Definitely. It was amazing getting to watch such a professional band perform every night. Whether it was watching what [singer] Clint Boge did in preparation for each show or how they communicated with their fans, it was one huge learning experience.

Tell us about recording Retribution with Steve James (Airbourne, Screaming Jets).

Recording with Steve has been great. He has a great ear for song structure and pulling massive tones, which have benefited the tracks immensely.

What’s next for Greenthief after this tour?

We will be touring our third single for 2012 in November/December before bunkering down to finish our debut album.

Greenthief will play at the Cambridge Hotel on September 5.

BIG SOUND: Greenthief are touring in support of their single Mr Number 1.