Bible is the ultimate fairytale

PETER Dolan’s suggestion that ‘‘God dies’’ in the Harry Potter novels is laughable (‘‘Toxic messages of Potter books’’ Letters 28/8). Someone or something that never existed cannot die.

But the suggestion that gruesome and frightening images are often the stuff of great literature is correct. Where would we be without such fictional images? No Shakespeare, Dante, Dickens or Umberto Echo. Life would be dull.

The Bible is the ultimate fairytale, just ahead of the Koran, the Talmud and all the other religious claptrap kids have had shoved down their throats for centuries.

Mr Dolan’s ‘‘cornucopia of false messages’’ described as contained in the Harry Potter novels, could perfectly describe the Bible.

Everything Mr Dolan says about the novels of J.K.Rowling can be applied to the Bible. It is largely a work of fiction, where everything and anything is said to justify the opinions and outlook of the authors, mostly a narrow, partisan view of the world written decades after the alleged life of Jesus.

When Mr Dolan talks about evil, I suggest he think about the many cases of child abuse committed by men and women of God.

Or the terror regimes in the Australian concentration camps where Aboriginal children were imprisoned, abused and battered under the ‘‘protection’’ of various religious organisations.

Or the genocides committed with church approval and supervision in South America and other places colonised by devoutly Christian conquerors.

It is beyond me why our society tolerates what I see as cults, such as the Catholic, Anglican and other churches, organisations with appalling histories of abuse and misogyny. Why do we fund them with our taxes?