Thumbs down to parents who smoke drugs with their teens

Dopey druggies

THUMBS down to parents who smoke drugs with their teens. Do you think that they won’t still hide it from you?

Have you thought about the effect your influence has on other people’s kids? Have a good look in the mirror, do you want your kids to end up like you … really? Grow up!

Name withheld, Boojidup

Vote to stop GM

GOOD luck to Julie Newman and her challenge to win the seat of Warren-Blackwood. Her concern over the blinkered push for GM wheat by Terry Redman is one felt by the majority of people in WA.

This will be another imposte, to join the commercialisation of GM canola and GM cotton. Both had been approved on the grounds of being economically beneficial, but so far GM cotton has proved such a financial disaster that growers have given up after just one season.

GM canola has literally been given away this year – four bags for the price of three, which accounts for the 25 per cent increase – and still non-GM canola is enjoying up to $60 per tonne over GM canola with markets open to the EU which is now shut to GM canola.

Open-air GM wheat trials are already happening in the wheat belt, with a disturbing report showing that GM wheat pollen crosses six times more than non-GM and can travel over 2km. Where are these trials, who is monitoring them, who is at risk?

Terry Redman’s remark that GM wheat is 10 to 15 years away belies information from the CSIRO which hopes to have GM bread in the supermarkets by 2015. As Ms Newman says, it is crucial to put a stop to this fast-track madness and this coming March is our chance.

Bee Winfield,

FOODwatch representative,

Karridale and Nannup

Sorry for the fright

I WISH to apologise most humbly to the young lady I almost ran over in the IGA car park last Thursday afternoon.

I am very sorry that I did not see you on the left side of my car until I started to drive forward. Please forgive me if I gave you as bad a fright as I gave myself.

Margaret, Margaret River

Give it a chance

A ROYALTIES for Regions grant, totalling around $350,000 has been spent, for the last year or more, to rejuvenate the Old Settlement coming into Margaret River from the north along Bussell Highway.

Let’s hope it will now get a chance to become one alternative to many wine-tasting experiences already available in the Margaret River region.

The historical buildings and a small farm have been renewed, including strengthened foundations, wheelchair access ramps fitted, re-roofed, and verandas and entryways added or enhanced. Power and water are available.

Footpaths connect one building or area to another. Handicapped and regular parking bays are in place.

A purpose-built access road at the back of the buildings has been created with an exit east of the site back to Higgins Street. A new toilet block has been built near the parking.

This village concept run by a few lessees, the local shire and volunteers should be given the chance to operate.

People will be happy to learn about our Group Settlement days and be given the chance to learn and see this history of Margaret River, being different from the Augusta story. School groups, our general population, history buffs, and tourists alike will support a well-run historical village concept.

The setting is already amongst native trees, and can be enhanced by new bush and wildflower plantings by volunteer groups in the community.

A group settlement garden by the restored house could be a feature, also planted grains, potatoes, etc and a few animals at special events could add to the small farm and blacksmith shop area.

None of this would be detrimental to what I believe to be part of an A-class reserve, cared for by the shire as a park and historical settlement. This would also not affect the Margaret River.

Go down for a walk or take a short drive and take a look at what already is in place.

Let’s hope it gets the chance to open soon!

C A Knudson, Margaret River

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