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Knowing your values assists you in your decision-making regarding career, partners, friends and social activities.

What do you value? Is it love, compassion, loyalty, excitement, money, freedom or stability? There are many values that may resonate for you. If you have never actually sat down and thought about what you value, it’s never too late to start!

Knowing what you value, and how you experience those values, allows for easier decision-making in life. If something goes against your values, don’t choose it. If it is aligned with your values, go in that direction.

Conflict with others often stems from differing values or living by different rules associated to those values. Two people may value love, however person A may prefer to receive love through receiving gifts, while person B may prefer to receive love via physical touch. These are each person’s unique “rules” around what they value.

When you understand your own values, you will in turn understand that others have their own set of values. You will be more accepting, accommodating and forgiving of others as you understand that we are all just journeying on our separate paths, to our separate goals, with our unique and individual luggage.

Your values will most likely change over time as you evolve and grow older. What you once valued as a child or a teenager may not be the same as what you value as an adult or a parent. Changing values is fine. Knowing and understanding your values needs to be consistent.

Knowing what you stand for and what you value makes decision-making easier and allows you to make choices based on certainty of self.

Bobbi Chegwyn is a self-empowerment coach, author and speaker who runs her business Ask Coach Bobbi. Check out www.askcoachbobbi苏州美甲美睫培训

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